Governance Update - GP6 Key Dates + Gov Advisory Committee + Website Review

Happy New Year Algofam! Governance Period 6 has arrived and the key dates are (Singapore timezone):

Jan 16 - Commit Algo Phase Ends
Mar 3 - Voting Period Starts
Mar 16 - Voting Period Ends
Mar 31 - GP6 Ends

Rewards distribution for GP5 will happen by Jan 6th.

GP6 Proposals

As posted on our website just before Christmas, a Governance Advisory committee is being formed to give stakeholders a voice in proposals development, as we work through the xGov design and implementation.

A quote from the original post:

To kick start this program, we are extending the invitation to the committee’s first round of members to a number of key Algorand stakeholders. In our view, the committee itself will make decisions about its future composition, how seats are nominated, the duration of members’ terms, etc.

The committee will bring together stakeholders from different segments (ie. devs, investors, projects, etc) to discuss governance proposals before they are posted for community review. I’m aiming for the community review to happen on weeks 7-9, ahead of votes opening on week 10.

As soon as the committee is formed, I’ll post the representatives of each segment and the meeting schedule, so you all know who to discuss issues with prior to each meeting.

Website Review

I’m also planning to review the Governance information on the Algorand Foundation website and appreciate improvement suggestions. You can submit suggestions by commenting on this post or emailing our governance inbox.

On a personal note, I wanted to say that I appreciate you and the time and effort you put into making suggestions and having conversations here. They are very helpful.

Finding new ways of affecting meaningful change is what brought me to web3 almost 10 years ago, so I’m looking forward to what this year will bring us, fully aware that we - as a community - are what make it happen.

Let’s make 2023 awesome for governance, shall we?


Nothing really constructive to say, but I just wanted to say that I’m grateful that there is finally someone who is the clear manager of the Governance program, who shows transparency and does answer questions for a Governance program that has realy been somewhat nebulous in the past. Thank you Adri!