GP11 DeFi rewards - Folks Finance

Hello everyone, please find below the Folks Finance TDR allocation for GOV11 period.
Feel free to share your feedback.
Note: * Allocation may vary during the period. Some pools will have a higher allocation because they will be co-incentivised by our partners

Deposit Boost ALGO 200.000
USDC ALGO 150.000
USDt ALGO 40.000
EURS ALGO 10.000
Liquidity Pools ALGO 280.000
gALGO/ALGO Pact (Stableswap) ALGO 280.000
gALGO pairing ALGO 55.000
gALGO/USDC Humble ALGO 32.500
gALGO/USDt Humble ALGO 15.000
gALGO/EURS Humble ALGO 2.500
gALGO/goUSD Pact ALGO 5.000
Lending Pools ALGO 1.170.000
Pact ALGO/USDC ALGO 200.000
Pact USDC/USDt ALGO 175.000
Pact EURS/USDC ALGO 60.000
Pact gALGO/USDC ALGO 50.000
Pact wETH/ALGO ALGO 30.000
Pact wBTC/ALGO ALGO 30.000
Pact EURS/ALGO ALGO 25.000
Pact wAVAX/ALGO ALGO 15.000
Pact wSOL/ALGO ALGO 15.000
Pact wLINK/ALGO ALGO 15.000
Pact wMPL/ALGO ALGO 10.000
Pact GOLD$/USDC ALGO 10.000
Tinyman ALGO/USDC ALGO 200.070
Tinyman USDC/USDt ALGO 153.000
Tinyman gALGO/USDC ALGO 30.060
Tinyman wETH/ALGO ALGO 25.020
Tinyman wBTC/ALGO ALGO 25.020
Tinyman gALGO/ALGO ALGO 19.650
Tinyman wBTC/USDC ALGO 18.000
Tinyman wETH/USDC ALGO 18.000
Tinyman wAVAX/USDC ALGO 12.060
Tinyman wSOL/USDC ALGO 12.060
Tinyman wLINK/USDC ALGO 12.060
Marketing ALGO 100.000
Community Coin Contest ALGO 50.000
Zealy ALGO 50.000
Consensus ALGO 70.000
  1. I think it could make sense to change all the wASSSET pools to USDC based pairs to potentially get more users on chain. i think having ALGO pairs favors people on here already but i think marketing ETH-USDC liquidity incentives to people not already on chain could be way easier for example. this also makes sense since lending pools cant earn gov rewards anyways
  2. do we really need any liquidity for gALGO-ALGO besides the stableswap? sure people can easily earn incentives due to this but its kinda useless liquidity (low volume) except that it gives you ALGO liquidity for the lending market which doesnt seem like its needed anymore looking at the low rates we saw this period. why not try out gALGO-USDC lending pools instead? these pools could have actual volume and serve a DEX liquidity purpose + it giving FF USDC liquidtiy for the lending market
  3. What about increasing incentives for EUR based pairs and make Algorand one of THE chains to use EURO on?
  4. What exactly do you mean with marketing incentives? Can you comment on how effective marketing was for FF in the past using the TDR?

Would love to get an outline of marketing incentives, as you are allocating quite significant percentage towards it. Especially as other TDR recepinets can’t really afford to do it, as their entire budget is the size of your marketing incentives allocation(not your fault obviously, but jsut trying to get a bit of the outlook on the projected returns of these incentives)

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In general looks good, BUT this " gALGO/ALGO Pact (Stableswap) 16.00%" is not good I think. reduce it to 6% and release those 10% to other pools or maybe allocate into EURS liquidity pools to boost EURS adoption.



Thanks for your feedback @lobo @ROAM @simonb , I appreciate it. We will adjust the TDR plan as it was a draft and we’ll take your suggestions into account.
As for the marketing activities, we haven’t specified them as they are not officially confirmed yet, but expect something similar to previous periods (the post will be updated next week):
Zealy campaign
Community Coin Contest
At the bottom of this medium TDR G9 report you will find the report on marketing activities in G9. We will publish the G10 report at the end of the quarter.


Hello Folks, here is the update of the allocation: FF TDR GP11

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Below also with percentages, so easier to compare:

Deposit Boost
USDC 150000 8,00 %
USDT 40000 2,13 %
EURS 10000 0,53 %
Liquidity pools
gALGO/ALGO 280000 14,93 %
gALGO pairing
gALGO/USDC Humble 32500 1,73 %
gALGO/USDT Humble 15000 0,80 %
gALGO/EURS Humble 2500 0,13 %
gALGO/goUSD Pact 5000 0,27 %
Lending pools
Pact ALGO/USDC 200000 10,67 %
Pact USDC/USDT 175000 9,33 %
Pact EURS/USDC 60000 3,20 %
Pact gALGO/USDC 50000 2,67 %
Pact wETH/ALGO 30000 1,60 %
Pact wBTC/ALGO 30000 1,60 %
Pact EURS/ALGO 25000 1,33 %
Pact wAVAX/ALGO 15000 0,80 %
Pact wSOL/ALGO 15000 0,80 %
Pact wLINK/ALGO 15000 0,80 %
Pact wMPL/ALGO 10000 0,53 %
Pact GOLD$/USDC 10000 0,53 %
Pact SILVER$/USDC 10000 0,53 %
Tinyman ALGO/USDC 200070 10,67 %
Tinyman USDC/USDT 153000 8,16 %
Tinyman gALGO/USDC 30060 1,60 %
Tinyman wETH/ALGO 25020 1,33 %
Tinyman wBTC/ALGO 25020 1,33 %
Tinyman gALGO/ALGO 19650 1,05 %
Tinyman wBTC/USDC 18000 0,96 %
Tinyman wETH/USDC 18000 0,96 %
Tinyman wAVAX/USDC 12060 0,64 %
Tinyman wSOL/USDC 12060 0,64 %
Tinyman wLINK/USDC 12060 0,64 %
Community Coin Contest 50000 2,67 %
Zealy 50000 2,67 %
Consensus 70000 3,73 %
Total 1875000 100 %
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What is the benefit of the deposit boost. I feel like the same incentivization could be had by allocating more of those funds to a lending pool. Its more efficient and you get 2x the liquidity.

Hey Apt, rewards to lending pools are already enough (lending pools with stable assets involved). In addition, we created WH assets/USDC pairs and we switched rewards from gALGO/ALGO to gALGO/USDC, EURS/USDC pool has been increased as well. The deposit boost in combo with lending pools is the “easiest” way to attract new stable assets liquidity that help the lending market as they are the most borrowed ones (excluding Algo)

What would happen if you incentivize wrapped assets with low liquid. Wsol, wavax, wlink with deposit boost.

Potentially bring in xchain liquidity. I dont see much benefit for deposit boost in stables its such small amount relative to the millions in liquid. Would removing deposit boost be detrimental to liquidity?? I highly doubt it, worth a consideration

I think deposit boost is more simple and attracts different users. many will want to deposit plain vanilla way like I do so good to incentivize both.

In that case, the boost will may attract external liquidity but this liquidity will not “benefit” the lending market as these assets cannot be borrowed because of the caps

Thanks for explainer! I understand now looks good