Folks Finance | GP12 Re-allocation USDt rewards

Hello everyone,
Following the Tether announcement We asked about the possibility of reallocating the GP12 USDt TDR rewards to more strategic assets. Please feel free to share your feedback.

Note: The new allocation should include a stablecoin asset, i.e. no ASA/ASA in the case of a lending pool

Previous USDt allocation: 332,730.00 ALGO
Deposit boost - 30,000.00 ALGO
Lending pool USDC/USDT on Pact - 150,000.00 ALGO
Lending pool USDC/USDT on Tinyman - 152,730.00 ALGO

Re-allocation proposal: 332,730.00 ALGO
Deposit boost USDC - 25,000.00 ALGO
Deposit boost EURS - 5,000.00 ALGO
Lending pool ALGO/USDC Pact - 75,000.00
Lending pool EURS/USDC Pact - 75,000.00
Lending pool ALGO/USDC Tinyman - 152,730.00 ALGO


Seems reasonable to me.

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Looks great! Hapoy to champion this along

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  1. it looks good
  2. What about the EURD issuer? Have you communicated with them?

Agreed for EURD allocation:

Redistribute 1/3 to EURD deposits and EURD/USDC and EURD/ALGO lending pools.


@JDTamerlan @Ravin Thanks for the feedback. The EURD lending pools cannot be incentivised as the asset cannot be listed in the lending market for now. It should get “on chain” traction first