GP12 NFT Rewards Proposal - Gems

Gems is proud to present our latest NFT Rewards Program!
We have witnessed the success of high value trading competitions across all chains and have decided to simplify our distribution plan to maximize Algorand Volume and Transactions. We believe this will make the largest impact possible by encouraging new participants to enter a high activity and liquid Algorand NFT Market.
We decided on a bi-weekly leaderboard to remove the lumpiness of month end volume and provide quality opportunities to compete regularly.

All feedback is welcome, we look forward to reading and responding!


I think you are doing the right thing bo going for only 2 winners in each category as bigger prizes should bring in more volume as seen on axn.

One potential change i would like to suggest is to enforce a single wallet can win in only one category per round. E.g. single wallet can only win one prize in either sellers or buyers category in same cycle but not in both - this will prevent 2 whale wallets simply trading different NFTs between them and taking top spot in both buyers and sellers. Iā€™m fine even if this sint enforced, but i think it would improve participation.

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Great suggestion! We have included that in the plan.
" Only one wallet can win in a category bi-weekly. This means every draw we will have 4 unique addresses winning bi-weekly!"

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Looks like a solid plan to me!!