Happy Birthday, Algorand!

Happy Birthday, Algorand!

Algorand is celebrating 3 years since the genesis block - also known as a birthday!

Block zero was at 2019-06-11 00:00:00 UTC.

3 years later, we are at 21.5M blocks with a cool 4.4s rolling average finality time.

And what about downtime? We recently did an (as yet unpublished) experiment where we checked every single timestamp of all blocks in the range 0-21M to see if Algorand MainNet was glitched significantly at any point. The answer was an impressive “no” - the most you’ll find Algorand chilling between blocks is 25 seconds, which was the programmed time between blocks in the first era (see timestamp in block 1). In the last million rounds we had consensus in under 6s 99.99% of the times. We’ll publish this data soonish, but for now we have been busy building a celebration site for Algorand at:

In about 2 hours the countdown will go dark and fade into a WebGL/3D/CSS3 extravaganza that’ll certainly make your fans spin.

We also minted 1096 copies of a fractional animated NFT - one for each day of MainNet operation - that we are selling for 3Ⱥ, or giving them away for free for anyone who is on the site at midnight UTC - in about two hours. The NFT asset will be revealed closer to midnight UTC.

We minted the NFT with a rare vanity address we found under some couch cushions:


We hope you like our celebration animation - and maybe the NFT too.

Happy Birthday, Algorand.

You are the best blockchain.