How to backup the wallet if the wallet mnemonic words not recorded? Thanks

When I created the wallet I did not write the mnemonic words because I thought I can find it later via a command line, but then I could not find such a command.

Is there any way to get the mnemonic words again? or directly backup the full wallet to a disk file? like the BTC wallet.


You can use the sdks to do this if you know the wallet name and password:

Edit 2021-01-10: old links were broken - replacing them with new links for Python and Go:

For the sake of completeness, here were the old links:

Thank you.:slightly_smiling_face: I am going try it.

I’d be very careful with a wallet you can’t recover, meaning that trying to do the minimum and safest actions with it since playing with code may be too risky.

I’d consider creating a new wallet (carefully saving the mnemonic) and simply transfer to the new one. Then, if you want, try to recover it.

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