How to deploy application using purestake?

I want to follow the tutorial “Your First Application” to deploy a “hello world” smart contract. Your First Application - Algorand Developer Portal . At one point in the tutorial I have to run a command that begins with “goal app create” in my shell in order to deploy the smart contract.

How to do this using the Purestake API in Python?

The reason I want to avoid running the goal command in my shell is that I find setting up the Algorand software and connecting to the Algorand testnet complicated. I found Purestake an easy way for simple things, such as payment transactions.

Also, are there any working and commented examples involving smart contracts using the Purestake API written in Python available?

If you have Docker, I would recommend you to use sandbox GitHub - algorand/sandbox: Algorand node sandbox as it can be very useful.
That being said, you can do almost everything without goal and using the SDK instead.

Concretely, in your case, you want to follow Using the SDKs - Algorand Developer Portal