How to determine and change the token price of ASAs?


I want to create a real estate tokenization platform like However, there are some points that I do not understand.

1 : How is the token price of ASAs determined? At lofty, each token is $50.
2 : How is rental income distributed to investors?
3: If the price of a real estate increases every year, how will the token price change?

Hi @ayhanaydogan,

These are important questions.
You have a lot of flexibility in the design.

Iā€™m only answering from a technical point of view.
There may be legal, financial, and economic constraints.

Technically, you can decide to have the token be fixed price (with an arbitrary price you decide), i.e., act as a stable coin. Or you can decide it can vary.
You can choose whatever price you want.

Rental income can be distributed in many ways: indirectly via increase of token price, directly giving out token, directly giving out another token (Algo, USDC, ā€¦). All of that is implementable via smart contract without any issue at first glance.

Increase of real estate value can be handled similarly.

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