IDE to create smart contracts on Algorand

Hi everyone,

I hope this finds you well.
I’m writing this post because I’d like to know if there is an IDE that one can use to create smart contracts on Algorand - pretty much like Remix concerning Ethereum.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Hi there, Federico,

I am working on extensions to Visual Studio 2022 (Community edition is “free”) that give you a C# compiler, realtime compilation and diagnostics. It’s a work in progress and things like debuggers are on the roadmap. FrankSzendzielarz/AlgorandVisualStudio: Visual Studio extensions for C# TEAL compilation and Algorand Smart Contract development ( It is being developed in tandem with the .NET SDK.

If you decide to start playing with it, please feel free to ask any questions, report bugs (expect bugs), etc., on the “AlgoStudio” (working title) Discord channel on the Algorand developer server.

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hi I have gave you two pull requests to the .net sdk … :slight_smile:

also took look to your algod proxy template, and added there the arc0014 implementation… GitHub - scholtz/AlgorandAlgodProxy

i am planning to take deeper look on how to make the contracts with this solution, and for me if there would not be line that do not use this for production purposes would be the choice n. 1

there’s algoDEA, algostudio and algobuilder and many more