What’s up guys! I’m Aaron, the lead developer for PIPELINE-UI–a react component library and design system built specifically for Algorand ( Our goal with the project is to build a ‘last-mile’ blockchain pipeline, greatly reducing the time it takes developers to get up and running on mainnet. We have several different toolkits available for developers at different stages in their careers. We have no code DAApps for beginners (two of our guys with zero coding experience built, customized, and deployed custom DAApps on mainnet in under 5 mins–videos to follow). We also have full-featured tools for advanced developers to work with (all fully integrated with the Algorand SDK). This (PIPELINE-UI V1) is the very earliest iteration of a potentially enormous project that could fundamentally change the way blockchains approach developer onboarding. But we are going to need a lot of community involvement to fully realize the project’s potential. I’ll be available here and on the Algorand developer discord to provide additional info and listen to all of yalls comments and concerns.


Have you considered listing this website on the algorand listing site of @scholtz? Super cool stuff!

@ussaaron , hello sir, very cool project!! Can you share a link to the No-code dapps? Thank you.

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PIPELINE Express is our easiest-to-use, no-code Dapp. Check it out! PIPELINE Express