Introducing TealCraft

TealCraft is a web IDE to write, compile, test, and deploy smart contracts on Algorand using TealScript & Puya.

TealCraft IDE is a pioneering web-based development environment tailored for TealScript on the Algorand blockchain, akin to Remix for Solidity. With a focus on accessibility, efficiency, and collaboration, TealCraft IDE eliminates the need for extensive setup, requiring only a web browser such as Chrome.

Zero Setup, Seamless Workflow

No installations, no complications. TealCraft IDE ensures a hassle-free experience — just open Chrome, and you’re ready to write, compile, deploy, and test your TealScript contracts.

Intuitive and Collaborative Development

TealCraft IDE boasts a user-friendly interface supporting complete TealScript IntelliSense. The workflow is streamlined, enabling developers to effortlessly create, manage, and share workspaces with a single click.

Instant sharing

Share your TealScript contracts effortlessly. TealCraft IDE simplifies collaboration by allowing developers to share contracts and workspaces through straightforward URL sharing.

App spec console

  1. ABI — Display ABI with easy-to-understand UI. List of methods, expand each method and view the details.
  2. App spec- View & download the App spec
  3. Programs — View & download approval, clear programs.
  4. Schema — View Global & state schema
  5. TSClient — Generate TS client and download.

Upcoming features:

  1. Support Puya framework along with intellisense.
  2. Ability to run scripts
  3. Method executor user interface

This is a BETA release, If you face any issues or have any feature requests, Please report it on the discord channel.



Discord: TealCraft



That is GREAT! I feel really SORRY now that I am not an xGov!
I definitely support this!
xGovs, please support this, too!!!

Thanks @Maugli
TealCraft is not part of this x-gov session.
This is just a BETA release announcement.

Really dope, can’t wait to take it for a spin this weekend!

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