Is the MainNet already launched?

I see the explorer has supported MainNet.
So, is this the real MainNet? Why was it launched a week ago?

Yes, that is the real MainNet. It has been up to let it run and shake out any potential issues (there were none) prior to the auction and the formal launch!

So, how do I configure my node to connect to the MainNet? Are installers ready yet?

I see the explorer has a drop down now for mainnet and testnet.

How do we point our node to mainnet?

Updated docs on installing/switching to MainNet will be pushed to today.

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how many block proposers are currently running on the mainnet?
There is no way to see list of all block proposers in the block explorer now.

Where to download the mainnet?

The block proposers are randomly chosen out of the online stake (using VRF). This is a small group which is not written to the chain but is propagated around the network and compared to other selected proposers. Their VRF proof hash are compared and the lowest hash is selected and the other is no longer propagated. You can see some of that happening using the carpenter tool or looking at the log files. Your node may only see a subset of the selected proposers though. You can look at the online stake and the final proposer using algoexplorer and you can retrieve with REST endpoints, goal or one of the SDKs. This is a high level overview not digging into details BTW