Wallet for Mainnet

Hello i want to partcipate on the Mainnet and installed now a Node. My node is running and i created wallet.
What else i have to do? Creating an Account? Connecting my wallet to my node?

What is the purpose of an Account and participation key?

Take a look at developer.algorand.org. Revised install instructions will be out shortly

Slowly i get. But at the last step i get a failure. I added a participation key to my account want change my status from offline to online:

Couldn’t sign tx: HTTP 400 Bad Request: TransactionPool.Remember: TransactionPool.Remember: Insufficient funds - The total pending transactions from the address require 1000 microAlgos but the account only has 0 microAlgos (for multisig accounts, write tx to file and sign manually)

Edit: I found a dispenser but i guess its only for the Testnet, right?

you’re totally right.