KMD Data Dir Not Being Created?

I’m attempting to locate the and kmd.token file, which should be in their respective kmd directory - but they are not able to be found.

I verified that kmd is working with pgrep kmd since it outputted the process ID, but I can’t see the kmd folder within the /var/lib/algorand/ directory.

Finally, I noticed that I don’t have a ~/node/data/ directory… is that because I installed a DEB package?

The data directory for deb should be /var/lib/algorand.
run goal kmd start to see if kmd is started.

I just ran goal kmd start -d /var/lib/algorand and the output was

Successfully started kmd

I then list all the files in /var/lib/algorand after the fact, but I still don’t see any kmd.token or files.

Look in ~/.algorand
find ${HOME}/.algorand -name kmd\*


Thank you boson! That worked!