Missing `kmd.net` file


I can start the node and check its status. However whenever I ask for the accounts using goal account list all I get as a response is

Cannot contact Algorand node: open /Users/marco/node/data/kmd-v0.2/kmd.net: no such file or directory.

I’m not sure what the kmd.net is or where to fetch it



kmd.net is created by kmd while it is running. We’re cleaning up some issues around kmd and its files.

Please run this and report what you get:

ps aux | grep kmd

Then, this should get you going:

pkill kmd
rm ~/node/data/kmd-v0.2/kmd.net
rm ~/node/data/kmd-v0.2/kmd.pid

Now try goal account list again. Please let us know if this works.

Thanks for reaching out!


I didn’t have any kmd process running and I didn’t have any kmd.net file either

however just by removing the kmd.pid file everything works again



Thanks - glad to hear you got it working. The full directions were given to ensure the greatest chance it would get you going in one shot.