List of all grant recipients and its project status?


I am curious if there is a readily available list of all grant recipients and what the statuses of each project are? I have heard some time ago this year that Foundation has updated the application to be more rigorous. Is the application available for public’s review?? Where I can I access one?

Foundation was approving grants left and right over this year and seemingly making it rain with the treasury, yet I haven’t heard a single project out of these working ones to fruition? Whatever happened to that “magical socks” project for example? Can anyone apply and the contract doesn’t specify to complete the project by certain period? Sign me up


Really good point. This should be included in their transparency reports.

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I found the list as well as the socks project. I am just going to leave it here to see it for yourselves.

Shop | SockHodler | Premium Crypto Socks | Algorand, Bitcoin, Ethereum

Convince me how this is using the blockchain or helping the Algorand ecosystem, specifically ALGO asset, for the Foundation to go out of its way to support them financially to open up a retail shop. Social activities indicate the project is now resorting to just selling and giving away NFTs, most likely because there’s little or 0 revenue coming from these socks. Categorised as “Use Case” in the grant recipient list, a JOKE!

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