Loading of Indexer database

Hello @fabrice , hope you’re doing well.
We started indexer sometime back but its taking a lot of time for database to load. We’re pointing to our own archival node present in another server, while indexer runs in a different machine.
It loads up to 1 million blocks in 4 days.

Is this the expected speed?
The indexer VM is an Ubuntu D8ads v5 (8 vcpus, 32 GiB memory)


This looks much too slow.
Where is your DB located?
Is it Postgres 13? (Postgres 13 offers much better performances than Postgres 12)
Is it located on the same machine as the indexer? (this reduces latency)
What disk is it using? What IOPS? (HDD-like performances are not sufficient)

Postgres DB is located in the data disk, which is standard SSD, max IOPS 500.
Postgres 13 is what we’re using. The algorand node is located on a different machine (same VNet).

This seems quite low.

I’m guessing you have an Azure S40 disk. Can you try to enable “performance plus”?