Indexer Storage

Recently stood up a fully synced archival node on an old Mac with an external SSD. Looking to spin up the indexer, and am trying to figure out the logistics of indexer storage. In the node config I set IsIndexerActive to true, and there appears to be a large file in the node data directory on my SSD called indexer.sqlite.

Few questions:

  1. Is this file the entirety of the indexed database?
  2. When I spin up my indexer it reads data from my external SSD and it starts writing data to postgres, how can I configure the indexer to write data to postgres files stored on my external SSD?
  3. Do I need to use an SSD for the indexed database, or can I use HDD for this storage (i.e. is the i/o of the indexer less than the live archival node such that I can use HDD)?

IsIndexerActive is activating Indexer v1 that is now completely deprecated.
Best is to keep it false.

You want to use indexer v2: Install the Indexer 🆕 - Algorand Developer Portal
Indexer v2 uses a Postgres SQL database.
I think an HDD would be too slow for it, so be sure to set up Postgres so that its database is stored on your SSD.

Thank you for the IsIndexerActive tip @fabrice.

I am struggling with the Postgres setup on external drive :sweat_smile:.