Algorand Indexer Storing Data in Wrong Drive

Hi all, I’m having a peculiar issue with running an indexer node.
I’ve setup Algod in archival mode as well as the indexer with postgres all pointing to a secondary 2TB drive.

When running Algod I can see that the storage is filling up within the desired drive. I’ve also checked that postgres is storing to the correct drive using SHOW data_directory;.

However, whenever I have the indexer running, I’m noticing that the drive that the OS is running off of is increasing in size. Is there some flag I’m missing when running the indexer to point it to the secondary drive instead of writing to the OS drive?

The indexer does not store data itself.
Instead, it stores data in the Postgresql DB that you configured.

Most likely the Postgresql DB is not set up to use your secondary drive.

That’s very odd, can postgres store data to a different location even though show directory is pointing to the right location? The image below is pointed to the correct drive. I’ve also deleted the original postgres directory to ensure that it’s note writing there. To make sure algod isn’t writing to the original directory I’ve also deleted that folder in /var/lib/algorand
Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 6.54.06 PM

Figured it out, it was an issue on my part, the directory posted above is still on the OS drive, there is a subdirectory in the directory that is pointing to the second drive.