MainNet and TestNet Update: Go-Algorand 3.19.0

MainNet and TestNet have been updated to 3.19.0 today, Wed Oct 25, 2023 10:30AM EDT (14:30 UTC). This release does not contain a consensus upgrade.


In this release we add support for hot and cold data directories for algod, enhance the simulate endpoint by returning app initial states, and speed up starting up private networks by allowing pre-generation of keys. Backend support for future features are also included - stay tuned!

What's New

  • Hot/Cold data directories: Support for specifying different destinations for data instead of just a single data directory
  • Pre-generated private network keys: Speed launching new private networks for development by re-using pre-generated keys
  • Simulate: Return application initial states accessed during simulation
  • Config: Add MaxBlockHistoryLookback option


New Features

  • Algod: Hot/Cold Data Directories and Resource Paths (#5614)
  • Docker: Support pregenerated keys in docker private networks (#5735)
  • Network: add P2PNetwork implementation (#5640)
  • Simulate: Return application initial states accessed during simulation (#5686)



  • AVM: Cleanly handle broken switch/match programs (#5782)
  • Catchpoints: check EnableCatchupFromArchiveServers for ledgerFetcher (#5783)
  • Ci: fix scripts/ build (#5764)
  • CICD: Fix RPM repository updating (#5790)
  • Devops: fix releases page links (#5746)
  • Docker: Do not disable telemetry if logging.config is present. (#5769)
  • Docker: Do not catchup if already initialized. (#5756)
  • Docker: Update docker config with node_exporter path. (#5762)
  • Revert "ledger: Close the ledger at node shutdown" (#5705)
  • Scripts(configure_dev): conditional tap homebrew (#5573)
  • Specs: Change spec generation for Foundation to handle _v*.md (#5751)
  • Tests: Fix simulate start round flaky test (#5748)
  • Tools: better heap data rendering (#5761)
  • Windows: Fix GC (#5745)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

vFuture changes are not yet available in MainNet or TestNet but can be used in private networks.

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