MainNet and TestNet Update: Go-Algorand 3.20.1

MainNet and TestNet have been updated to 3.20.1 today, Thursday Dec 7, 2023 10:30AM EDT (15:30 UTC). This release does not contain a consensus upgrade.


An endpoint to generate participation keys, network optimization, and other enhancements around catchpoints and catchup are included in this release.

Both the crash and state proof databases now default to the ‘hot’ data directory.

What’s New

  • Participation key generation endpoint: a requested feature to allow the ability to generate API keys from the REST endpoint, provided you have the admin token.


New Features

  • API: Add participation key generation endpoint to algod API (#5781)
  • Txhandler: applications rate limiter (#5734)



  • Catchup: Fix empty cert if ledger already has a block (#5846)
  • Catchup: pause catchup if ledger lagging behind (#5794)
  • Cicd: Fix RPM repository updating (#5790)
  • Ledger: make catchpoint generation backward compatible (#5598)
  • Tests: Fix flaky TestAccountSelected test (#5788)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

vFuture changes are not yet available in MainNet or TestNet but can be used in private networks.

  • State Proofs: add block hash to LightBlockHeader (#5663)

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