Network request error

I’m getting this error when trying to send transactions through my Javascript dApp using Purestake API:

Received status 404: could not find the transaction in the transaction pool or in the last 1000 confirmed rounds

does anyone have any idea how to fix this? The exception is coming from sendRawTransaction

Can you send a minimal example exhibiting the issue as well as the full error message?

I am surprised you see it when sending a raw transaction, as opposed to waiting confirmation for it.

If the issue is when waiting for confirmation, a potential issue is that API services like PureStake usually use multiple nodes behind the scenes and the transaction pool is never guaranteed to be fully synced.

Can you check by directly checking whether the transaction exists or not by querying the indexer after say 10s?

hey Fabrice, you’re right - the error is coming from client.pendingTransactionInformation(txId).do()

Here’s an example: I send two transactions in parallel:

The first one exists and succeeds, the second one doesn’t.

I figured out the issue - I’m attempting to send a transaction that would result in the balance dropping below minimum balance. Not sure why I’m getting the transaction pool error message though :confused: