Transaction stuck in Pending in Private Network


I am currently running a private network, testing some values in the consensus.json. Everything is working fine until I do a test of sending many maxed transactions(txns). About 9 to 10 MB of transactions the payload of note field is full.

When I check the pending txns in my relay it says 0 but when I check the node it tells me there 60 txns in pending. Any other transaction I send from the same node goes through normally, but those 60 txns are stuck in pool until I restart the node. What can be the cause of this? My assumption is backlog of txns which I see in source code is set to 1000.

Any hints or pointers I get would be appreciated.

Can you post your consensus.json?

Hello, thank you for answering.
Here you can see it.

Most modification are Max block size and Note field.

Any suggestion? Since I did not hear a response

I would do the following steps:

  1. Try without changes at all, without providing a customized consensus.json
  2. Then try with setting the customized consensus.json to be the default one
  3. Then change one field at a time

This way you will find out which field you changed created the issue.

Once found, please post there and/or open an issue.