Network Stall / TestNet Software Update


The network should have recovered yesterday afternoon; after failing again at the next possible opportunity this afternoon, we looked more closely and determined it was legitimately stalled. This is presumably a result of a bug triggered by the hardware outages and recovery process. We’ll be analyzing the data so we understand what happened. Because we have an update planned for the morning, we are going to just leave the network stalled and let tomorrow’s update recover it. It’s been a while since we uncovered a bug on TestNet, but one of the value propositions to us for TestNet is to find these bugs now!
That said, we apologize for any interruption this downtime may have caused.

As for the update, we’re planning to release the next version for a 10:30am EST update (we’ve improved the build process so there will be no hiccups or delays). If you received updated Participation Keys, please make sure you get them into place by 10:30am EST, and have your cron jobs ready!