Opportunity for Algorand Devs - Share Your Experience Using the Algorand Developer Portal and Receive an Algorand Fleece!

Are you a developer who has used the Algorand Developer Portal for one or more of your projects? If so, we want to talk to you! Signup for a 15-minute video call with me as I guide you through a set of questions to learn how you interact with the Algorand Developer Portal and get your feedback on how to make it better!

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Space is limited and in order to make this a worthwhile experience (with lots to talk about), we ask that you have used the Algorand Developer Portal for a minimum of several hours over the course of at least one week.


This is the only way I can figure out how to message you. I want to start a database of coin currency. Like pennies nickels dimes and quarters ect. Then I want the bot to sort all those coins and their prices to find 3 categories of price mint near mint and not mint condition.
I want to search the web for all baseball cards pictures and prices. Then I want the bot to average out the prices into 3 categories mint near mint and not mint condition.
I want to search the web for all pictures of Bennie Babies and I want the bot to do the same for the Bennie babies. Sort them in to categories of Mint near mint and not mint condition.
Can you help me do this or give me a place to start. I talked to the bot and it said it was just going to leave me alone because the things I ask it were to advanced. Cop out if you ask me. Silly robot.

Hello, I am a developer and an algorand ambassador, but unfortunately I still have not used https://developer.algorand.org/ so I do not think it is convenient to register until I invest a few hours in education. Thanks for the invitation

Hi there,

Without more specifics on what the database will be used for, here are some Algorand technologies that may be relevant:

Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs)
You can use Algorandโ€™s Standard Assets (ASAs) as a way to assign official credentials to an item. Here are the docs on ASAs: https://developer.algorand.org/docs/features/asa/. With ASAs, you can do things like represent each coin or beanie baby as its own asset and encode information about it its condition in the notefield or by using the URL field to link to details about the asset.

Stateful Smart Contracts
You could also take a look at our Stateful Smart Contracts: https://developer.algorand.org/docs/features/asc1/stateful/

With stateful smart contracts you can store some key/value pairs on the blockchain through an application. In your case, perhaps an Algorand address is associated with a specific coin/beanie baby and you store some local state that denotes the condition of that coin/beanie bay. Here are some examples of applications built with stateful smart contracts that might help get you better acquainted with the technology:

Those are just some examples, but it is difficult to tell which technology would be best without knowing more about your end goals. Hopefully this will get you started though!

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We will be sending out a related written survey within the next couple of weeks. Will look forward to your participation in that! :slight_smile:

Much thanks. Can the robot show me how to do all this. So what do I do take pictures of some of the Coins and Bennie Babies I have and up load them. How would I get others to up load their Bennie Babies on this Block chain? How would I get them to average the prices ask for each. How would I start selling them to people? 303-981-9955 call me sometime. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing or where to start. I will read the stuff you sent to me though. Thanks

Iโ€™d be happy to share my experience using the portal, but your calendar isnโ€™t showing any available spots. Let me know if these are still open.

Hello! The live interviews are complete for now, but we will have a written survey coming out in the near future! Make sure to sign up for the developer newsletter to be notified. You can sign up here.