Pera Wallet not showing incoming transactions from Apps (inner transactions)

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed (at least in the testnet) that Pera wallet is not showing transactions from Apps (smart-contracts) to the user address.

When the smart contract is used as an escrow, the currency movement from the contract to the user address is not showed (but the balance updates correctly).

(Sorry for the ugly collage but I can upload only one image because I’m a new user)
As you can see this transaction TO the wallet is not displayed in the Pera Wallet.
Is it a bug? Is it right this way for some reason I don’t get?

Hope it helps

Thanks for the report.

Can you report it to the official Pera Wallet website Pera Algo Wallet – Simply the best Algorand wallet. or on their Discord?
You can link this post.

I think that supporting inner transaction would require some code changes on the wallet - but it does makes sense to have that.

One interesting note, is that with the new inner transaction, a single transaction could create multiple inner transactions. A subset of these transactions would appear on the wallet. This make me wonder where the limit goes between a “simple” list of transactions, and the view of the entire transaction group hierarchy.

Just did it :slight_smile:


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