Problem on raspberrypi 3 b+


I’m using raspberrypi 3 b+ with ubuntu core.

When I put following command on terminal ‘./ -i -c stable -p ~/node -d ~/node/data -n’

It showns

./ line 102: /home/pi/node/algod: No such file or directory
Current Version = 0
/lib64/ No such file or directory
No remote updates found


The source has not been built for raspberrypi.


It has now been built on a pi3. There are some issues with Go on 64-bit ARM that we have to fix before it’ll actually run. I don’t expect it to be practical, however. I’m anxious to see how it works, in any event. I’ll let you know when there’s a package available; I’ll add it to the go-algorand-doc installers. It will be wholeheartedly unsupported :slight_smile:


This is now being provided but not supported. There is a linux_arm installer available on go-algorand-docs and that should allow you to download and run the latest TestNet update.


Very Cool! I am going to have to power up a couple of my Pi’s and give this a try.

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Great - let us know how it goes. I don’t think there are any dependencies / packages you need to install. libsodium is not required anymore as we’re using our custom build.