Raspberry PI display

Anyone here know if there is a walkthrough on creating the Raspberry PI set up that was exhibited/discussed?

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Hi, I wrote this article about running Algorand on Raspberry Pi

Mostly it just worked like setting up a development environment on any other linux system, installing compilers and libraries and so on, but at one point the Makefile tries to build everything in one go install command and that failed on Raspberry Pi (presumably due to RAM limits). I broke it up into a go install command with the same config arguments but one per subdirectory and that worked.

This is the one. Thanks!

Hi my OS is Raspbian Buster Lite, it cannot read update.sh binary file. Please assist.

pi@algonode:~/inst $ ./update.sh -i -c stable -p ~/node -d ~/node/data -n
./update.sh: line 135: /home/pi/node/algod: No such file or directory
Current Version = 0
./update.sh: line 141: /home/pi/inst/updater: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
No remote updates found

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I have the same error.

Does anyone know how to help us?

Make sure you downloaded the correct version of algorand installer for arm and not amd64

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Thank you! It worked! :space_invader:


What benefits were there to doing this?
Are you somehow compensated for verifying transactions via the raspberry pi?

Let me know,


Dear Geno,

The benefit was to show that EVEN an RPI can do it.
You are compensated for your Algoramds now, as a staking reward, even
without actually staking them. In the future it may change.

You can see the reward/block at