Problems with Algorand explorers

I am preparing a demo for a select audience.
During the preparation phase, I discovered, that:

DAppflow accepts only full Algorand address
Pera explorer doesn’t work at all when your specify the address
Allo doesn’t work at all when you specifiy the address. I didn’t find network selection for Allo.

Where is an Algo explorer which can be confortably used??


Can you give an example where Pera or Allo do not work given the address?

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E.g. when I would like to examine testnet account


With Pera, if you try 3 or 4 times, then sometimes the operation is sussessful.

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What, exactly, are you expecting to see as results for CDRLCYZICK7XEBZ7M4HKYWNB7ZZLO4BFOQ5RGZNMHQ5ZH7EZWUDFQ6Z32U on Mainnet? This is a valid address but the account has nothing in it.

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Allo supports only mainnet.
The account never got funded on mainnet so it does not exist.

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@SilentRhetoric I expect in allo a switch for testnet. I knew the account is funded on testnet only.
And what about Pera, being successful only in one third of the test cases?

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