Question about atomic transactions

I want to create an atomic transaction where a new account with no balance is able to opt in to an asst.
I tried making an atomic transaction with the following steps:

  • send to ‘new account’ the minimum balance required to opt in
  • have ‘new account’ make the opt in by transfering ‘0’ of said asset to itself
  • group both transactions, sign them, and broadcast them to the network,

This flow works fine for accounts with balance that is equal or greater to the minimum required, but for new accounts with no balance I’m getting this error
"{\"message\":\"TransactionPool.Remember: transaction UZVSYZXF3NYKUTUGQGBDGAEVHILQRBTUKK7UILAWEHUIXT7WTWVQ: account U3G6KQ5L45C4JYPHPODIIGROVFJHN7W6VHE4Q5SFMLKCP5BZVHYGXGFN7E balance 99000 below min 200000 (1 assets)\"}"

Is it possible to do what I’m trying to achieve? Or the opt in transaction will be always invalid with no balance regardles of being part of an atomic transaction where the minimum balance was sent first to said account?

you need .1 balance for standard transactions but you also need .1 balance to opt into an asset. That is a total .2 algos.