Questions about Defi

This question is not about Algorand. Also, it is not about Defi in Algorand.
I’m just leaving a post here because I have a question about DeFi.

DeFi provides decentralized finance due to smart directions.
Sounds good, but I wonder if the assets I deposit are safe.

I’m not asking for the theft of assets due to hacking(like password stolen).

What happens if I deposit an asset and Defi stops operating suddenly?
In most cases, my assets are replaced by other assets that have been wrapped (including LP) or deposited in a pool.
If Defi shuts down, I can’t turn the wrapped asset into the original asset, or there’s no way to access the pool.

Is there any solution here?

Again and again, I’m not posting this because I suspect a DeFi platform within Algorand. It’s a fundamental question for all DeFi.

I don’t know the DeFi system very well, can anyone tell me?

I can afford non-permanent losses, but I’m afraid there will be losses due to inaccessibility.

There are many different DeFi applications… There are traditional AMMs like TInyman, Pact Fi or Humble, and usually people get scammed here not because of the smart contract issues but because someone persuade u to buy some token which will give more liquidity in the pool and he rugs pull it… There is also Concentrated liquidity AMM launching soon enabling LPs to gain more then 10x more lp fees then using traditional (more news will be at

Then part of the DeFi is for example lending protocol… You can deposit the USDC and receive deposit interest right away… Or you can deposit USDc and borrow algo… Biggest protocol for this is

Then part of DeFi is staking protocol … If projects wants to airdrop their tokens they may do it for example compx.

Then part of DeFi is decentralized scheduler protocol… You can do periodic scheduled onchain self custody payments using Biatec scheduler… in AWallet it is one of the options how to move the assets around

Then there is Dex Aggregators… Folks router, Deflex and Vestige router… You get a quote before the swapping and execute it if you like the price…

Algorand foundation just launched new web with algorand ecosystem… not all projects are there yet but it is quite safe to use projects listed there… Algorand ecosystem directory With others do a little more research.

Btw the algorand has never been down since the start 5 years ago, so this is quite out of the question… Algo can do 10k Tx/s … The tech is using VRF so that the nodes very efficiently creates the blocks… This is not a chain that goes down from time to time. Also interesting thing is that you do not pay for failed txs. If you try to submit tx which is not legit, for example the price moves few ms before you execute the swap and your slippage will not cover this change, the tx will fail on input and you do not pay for it…

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I don’t doubt the DeFi at Algorand.
I was just wondering if there was a separate safety method for redeeming wrapped tokens in DeFi.
For example, if I was using metamask and uniswap and at some point I couldn’t access uniswap, I was wondering if there was a way to retrieve tokens deposited in uniswap.
I was wondering if I would lose my deposited assets if the failure that occurred in uniswap was not solved forever.

Even if the front end service goes down - like Nissan or whatever - the actual contracts would still live on chain and could be accessed (unless they are written to not allow that - but that’d be mental)

You would have to write your own code to interact with them but it would be possible

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This is the answer what I want. Thanks!