R/algorand - Why did Helium choose Sol over Algo?

Originally posted on Reddit via the link below, id like to get other community members thoughts on the topic.

Why do you think Helium choose Sol over Algo?

This isnt in any way to slander either chain, but instead to bring to light opportunities for improvment. Maybe Algos messaging, actions or other useful feedback.

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$$$, to be honest not sure why everyone wanted a corrupt company to come on algorand…honestly glad they went to SOL

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From multiple comments in the reddit thread, there are a lot of people who agree with your setiment. Especially from the monetary standpoint.

I am all for bringing as much to Algorand as possible…but this one was not worth it. Perfect place waiting for them at SOL lol.

I’ve been with Helium almost a year now. and have been asking questions about integration, or even an equivalent on Algo.
So that has led me into a couple discussions on reddit and other forums.
This is the gist of what I’ve learned.

–Helium stemmed from Nova Labs.
(side note: their website still says “coming 2022” last time i checked.)

–Helium runs on the HIP voting structure, and it is encouraged to propose a HIP, to even have a discussion about a matter. To vote, it costs around 0.30$, give or take.

–Finally, when the migration HIP was proposed (by Nova) the community embraced it. Its not a bad move, per se, but with Solana downtime issues that we all have experienced, I have always thought Algo would be the better option.

Basically, Nova Labs was able to put together the HIP, with code, and a migration plan before most people even knew they were serious about moving.
Those who know, already knew though.
Thats why Solana “bought an old apple store” was in the news. They were prepping for Helium Mobile, which is just an extension for Tmobile, for the most part.

They “screened” other blockchains based on certain criteria, from a snapshot at whatever time that was.
Algorand met alot of the needs, but for the most part, not during their snapshot.

But, one of the largest deciding factors, from what I hear, Was Coding language being the same, and Mobile Stack for devs.
I think algorand supports RUST, if im not mistaken, but Mobile Stack was apparently very high on the list, from what I see.