Reassurance needed

Algo is ok right ?
Been buying every week for 2 years and now part of the 100 club and feeling a bit anxious

But it seems many people posting about Heads resigning, price tanking and Algorand not going anywhere after the World Cup

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I believe algo is ok… i am here as well few years, and i dont see much technological competition out there… algo is top 5 in each category except of privacy in my opinion, such as economic finality, speed, never been down, decentralization, open software…

i dont understand why the algo inc announced the partnership with fifa as big thing if the only thing that was the result was the nft purchase site where fifa would gain money for videos… If they would let community in perhaps it would be better outcome.

what i would expect from partnership form fifa is that you could purchase the ticket to the match using usdc on blockchain, integrate payment gateways also onsite, set some commercials with fifa and algorand logo, during the match some algo advertisement and so on…

the grant program is reforming… it was bad before, it is basically none now… i guess they will try to fund the projects more through accelerators programs where they cut some investment share so that the foundation is long term sustainable “non profit” company to be funded by dividends

i dont know regarding the progress with early backers… i still think this might be the issue… in the long run they will sell algos and make this issue slowly dissolve, but it is the negative info for algo price

the transparency on decisions by foundation was bad and there is very small progress… i have not seen xGov, and I hope it will at least reach the quality of VoteCoin specs… especially the encrypted voting is in my interest (without encrypted voting the whales will rule dao forever in my opinion). Also they should increase rate in which the questions are asked and answered. few per quartal is for dao quite a small number. I understand distribution of algo to defi (to increase TVL rank in defilama), but i dont get much why is there decision to bind it with dao decisions.

marketing has a lot of things to be improved… i dont see the foundation to promote the algorand projects much… what they should do is to pick a project every day and create a video about it on how to use it and discuss with creators the decisions they made and their expected progress…

lets see this week in Dubai… I believe that the algorand will have a lot of talks with developers and perhaps something good will come from it

i am going to be at the event, so if you want to speak to me regardin my projects or future projects i am available :slight_smile:

Thankyou for such a detailed reply