Rejected votes & network resync?


Hi everyone,

Wanted to get your views on what might have happened last night (2/19) at ~7:23pm EST or ~round 51,780 where the mix of rejected votes suddenly switched from those rejected because of a different round to those previously sent (presumably on the same round).

  • You will notice this switch in the mix of rejected votes on the first graph with the overall volume of rejected votes staying at the same level or slightly lower

  • On the lower graph, you will observe the round lag between the current round of my node and the round (or ObjectRound) of the rejected votes. You will notice that before the lag was ranging from 1 to 5 with the lag growing a bit before going down to 1

I wonder whether this indicates some nodes were going out of sync with the rest of the network and something got reset at that time that had the nodes resync and rejected votes to get within +1 round difference.

Would appreciate your views.


This was most likely a node coming online and synchronizing. While we catch up, the agreement service is running in parallel since can’t know when we’re caught up until the agreement service can actually start participating in the round everyone else is on. So while a node is catching up, it may work on generating proposals and voting as it gets selected in the historical rounds (even if it’s only voting for its own proposals).

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thank you @David, that makes a lot of sense.