[notice] Blockchain stopped - this is not a fatal error

It stopped like that

and Now, It shows

24961.0.11: VoteAttest AAAAA- |
24961.0.11: StepTimeout - |
24961.0.12: Persisted - |
24961.0.12: VoteAttest AAAAA- |

[Node Data File] https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cyOrurf9N7qz6qn5asu8nT23MYhOcNuj

What should I do?

Looks like the network stalled @ 3am. For now you shouldn’t need to do anything. We are investigating and will ask for files if necessary.

It looks like you just spinned a new instance, and trying to catch up from mainnet for the first time. Am I correct ?

( the above suggests that it’s unable to catchup round number one )

Do you have any special configuration ? are you running the latest release ?