TestNet recovery


Due to ongoing hardware issues, TestNet is still stalled - we were passively waiting for it to recover and it is now on track to recover at ~2am EST (at some point, we’ll document the partition recovery process). However, I’m going to completely remove the problematic hardware from the system and then push an update to bump the ledger version to 26.1, which will get the network running again. This will require updating in order to stay on the latest chain.

The update is building now and should drop at 12:30pm EST. This bumps the version and redistributes stake across 4 more nodes. This is still just a bandaid as we plan out the next generation of TestNet infrastructure.

We’ll let you know when the update has dropped.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Things are still somewhat fragile in our ad-hoc TestNet playground. We’re working to address for the long-term shortly.


TestNet is running again as of ~1:15pm EST. Sorry again for any inconvenience.