Next TestNet update coming SOON (Wednesday morning)!


Heads Up! We’re looking at releasing another TestNet update tomorrow (Wednesday) - probably around noon, depending on how the final testing / dry-run goes. The list of updates is impressive given the short time since the last update, with a whole bunch of performance optimizations already coming online; and we’ve barely just begun our performance push. We’ll send the list of updates once the build is available. Until then, we’ll keep you informed in the AM as we get closer to release.

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Still on track for an update noon-ish. Probably update time is 12:30. If you have genesis wallets, remember to ensure there are copies in your data directory (eg ~/node/data) so they migrate properly to the new ledger.

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As planned, the build is underway. If all goes well it will be picked up by everyone and we’ll be running it at 12:30 EST. Fingers crossed that it goes as smoothly as the last update!


Version 91953 is now working for me.