TestNet Update 0.2.18 Releasing now!

Sorry for the short notice. We’re rolling out 2 updates this morning - the first is starting now.

The first will be another new ledger and new participation keys, as promised (warned). There will be a 2nd release at 10:30am EDT that should be just a version change.


Final update was 0.2.21 after some unexpected hiccups.

Here’s the release notes:


. Add genesis hash (base64 encoded) to `goal node status`
. Disable telemetry by default (on first run) and remove all PII
. Stop building no-telem binaries - channel no longer includes "-telem"
. Added genesis hash support for signing txn on ledger hw wallet
. `goal clerk send` now properly handles an empty --note argument
. Added building RPM package
. Change participation key first round - we now start at Round 0

For complete release notes for this and previous releases, visit our developer website here.