TestNet v0.2.9 Releasing Today

Heads Up TestNet – update coming this morning at 10:30am EDT. No ledger version change so it should go very smoothly, like the last one. I’ll send an update later after it’s running, with the list of changes.

Update went smoothly. Here’s the list of changes in this update.

  • Bugfix: Get Transaction fails on Non-Archival node with round > 1000
  • Stability: Separate low- and high-priority broadcast queues.
  • Add BidID to auction outcomes
  • Prevent closing an account if it has pending txns and other auto-close fixes
  • Optimization: Split ledger DB into two separate SQLite DBs - one DB for blocks, one DB for tracker state (i.e., account balances).
  • Optimization: Several catchup optimizations should yield up to 50x improvement in speed
  • Changed semantics of Balance Lookback to match the spec
  • Fixed problems with persisting crash state to disk.
  • Optimization: LRU cache for block headers
  • Removed “addr-” and “tx-” prefix from formatted account and transaction IDs
  • Fixed regression in goal - wasn’t being built with telemetry support so goal logging operations misbehaved
  • Always copy genesis.json even if version didn’t change
  • Add algod /metrics REST API handler, allows local viewing of metrics without node_reporter
  • Reduced runtime library dependencies
  • Moved Rewards-related parameters from genesis.json to ConsensusParams
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Definitely, it catches up in-sync much faster than before. :+1: