TestNet v0.2.12 (131084): April 23


Hey TestNet, it’s that time again. We have another release in the works. If the overnight tests look good we’ll get the binaries out tomorrow morning at 9am. Stay tuned for release notes!

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We’re on track to start upgrading relays at 9am, here are the release notes:

• Set minimum transaction fee to 1000 micro algos and minimum balance to 10000 micro algos.
• New MinFee and quiet options in pingpong utility.

• Rejigger some parameters in consensus protocol based on network latency testing.
• Remove unnecessary bytes.Buffer wrapper in network code.
• Verify votes asynchronously.
• Block assembly performance improvements.
• Specify KeyDilution, FirstValid and LastValid per user. Allows users to create ephemeral voting keys for many rounds in a more efficient way. This includes a new “keyDiluation” parameter for the add participation key goal command.
• Don’t serialize a crashdb when the node is not participating.

Bug fixes
• Fix possible race condition in go-codec.
• Reduce burst traffic by spreading out synchronization requests over a single round period.
• Prevent naming an account that is a valid algorand address.
• Ensure node_exporter is restarted during an upgrade in case it has changes.

Code Cleanup
• Suppress “Cannot look up block…” warning message during catchup, these are expected.
• Change encoding failure message from an error to a warning, they happen regularly when peers disconnect.
• Remove redundant parameter in Ledger.EnsureDigest method.
• Change log level of “minimum transaction fee violation” from Warning to Info.


The time between blocks dropped significantly. :clap:


You noticed :slight_smile: We’re fine-tuning our consensus parameters and making many performance optimizations. We don’t expect to reduce it any further but instead are working to make it more consistent as we scale.