Relay-participation pools

To help with decentralization, what If Algorand let dapps/platforms run relay nodes and create pools with participation nodes and reward the participation node operators with their tokens. (Example: Algofi reward node operators with BANK, Defly reward operators DEFLY tokens, Napster reward operators with NAPSTR, etc.) I’m sure Algorand would get a lot more participation without having to pay out in ALGO. Just a thought.

I dont understand what you are trying to achieve… Anybody can make his account online by using public Participation nodes. Make your algorand account online - YouTube

The relay nodes do not verify the blockchain. Their function is right now archival… The expanses to run full archival nodes are too high for anybody to run it.

Right now there is no reward to make the account online. Why should the projects on algorand start paying for this from their own budget if not even algorand foundation is paying for this from their 3B algo budget they have?

To run the participation node with kmd proxy costs approx 10 - 30 $/month… If you do so, please update this file with your domain so that people can use also your server to make their account online… AlgorandPublicData/public-kmd-providers.json at main · scholtz/AlgorandPublicData · GitHub

Also i believe you are missing some definitions there, so i try to make it straight:

  • Relay node : Node which is chosen by the foundation and is setup in the DNS records. It is archival node at the moment and routes the traffic. It is main point for all other nodes to connect to.
  • Archival node : Node with all history of whole blockchain
  • Participation node : Node with abilitiy to verify the blockchain. Requires at least one participantion key to be generated. The app is the same as Relay node, but it is not recommended to run relay node as participation node. Participation node does not have to be full archival node.
  • Participation node with KMD proxy : Special docker image with proxy to allow generation of participation key. Check AlgorandNodes github repo and KMD Server github repo … Disclaimer: this is not official Algorand application

So it cost $20-$30 a month to run one, but yet no incentive? Hmmm

And i was trying to achieve more decentralization. Algorand could at least let dapps on their network run relay nodes.
And then pool participation nodes with those and earn dapp tokens as a reward

The costs to run relay node are $ 500-1000, and might be doubled or trippled if you want to run in HA mode…

The foundation has the community relay node program in which anybody can participate… I believe there might be done things to make it more decentralized but it is up to the foundation to dictate the rules on how they with to spend their budget…

I have expressed few ideas for improvements for example here: Algorand, The Foundation, and the complete lack of adoption - #11 by scholtz

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So let me get this straight, it cost up $500-$1000 to run a relay node, $10-$30 a month to run a participation node. Yet no incentive. If Algorand wants to become more decentralized, they are going to have to incentivize somehow. I mean i get why Silvio doesnt want to incentivize, to prevent bad actors, but there has to be some kind of compromise. Stay somewhat centralized or pay some kind of incentive. Which will it be? Hmmmm. Hell, they could probably pay people NFTS to run participation nodes, they would probably take it.

But then again, I guess governance is the alternative. Oh well, never mind.

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please stop misleading people to your articles instead of algorand’s there’s no kmd proxy in the algorand docs

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no it doesn’t he’s selling his product I believe


i dont get it … yes, i have built the open source app that proxy the method which is missing in the algod or kmd for algorand …

now people can make their accounts online… if other people will run the proxy to the algod participation node i have no problem with it…

this is missing link to make algorand decentralized. It is must have for our Aramid project as we are running algorand “co chain” with custom consensus and we really want that chain to be decentralized.

I agree. I put the disclaimer there… i believe you can read my comment up to the end

i have no problem with your product it might be helpful just don’t present it as the official algorand docs or way of doing things. it’s misleading. i see no disclaimer ion your replies


i see this as the only way how websites can make the account online. Why is algorand not pushing making accounts to be online and verify the blockchain is what i do not understand. You can see that the simple proxy to algod can do it. I made it open source so that whole algorand community can prosper from it. For example if some banks decide to run their own private network…

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Solutions to these things have been proposed for a governance vote…here, on this forum.