Requesting Discourse API key: Building a Governance Discussion Notifier

Hi there, I’m from the Stakefish Validator Group and we’re building an internal api (that we plan to open source) with the goal of having an up-to-date list of governance discussions for the Algorand ecosystem. The goal is to be able to participate in these discussion early enough that we might participate in them before they go to vote. Without a tool like the one we’re building, we’re forced to manually check the relevant forum categories every day.

Is there someone I could DM about this?

Teddy Knox

You can subscribe to the “governance” category and receive emails everytime something is posted.

Note that a lot of discussion happen on Discord, channel Governance:

@fabrice thanks for your quick response.

Leaning on the Discourse Email notifications was our first prototype, but we found that emails are great but they need to be configured on a per-user basis, the alerts are not as configurable, and it’s not as clear how to forward the emails to a slack channel in a standardized and well-formatted way. Would you be willing to consider allowing us to move forward with a read-only API approach?

Since the documentation around scoping in Discourse is a bit unclear, I’d rather you do it on your side so I’m sure I do not give you access to more than what you are allowed to have access to.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Get a key using the ruby script there:
    1. Install ruby on your computer
    2. Run gem install addressable openssl base64 json
    3. Copy the script mentioned above in a file api.rb
    4. Run it: ruby api.rb
    5. When asked to provide the target site, enter
    6. Visit the displayed website, login if necessary and approve
    7. Copy paste the block of code response (it contains spaces, copy all the text including the spaces)
    8. Paste it to the terminal, press ENTER, type end, press ENTER
    9. You will get a user API key that looks like 1a06601b324121b19f43bf790ee5187d
  2. Then you can use this API key, e.g.:
curl -X GET "" -H "User-Api-Key: 1a06601b324121b19f43bf790ee5187d"