Twitter space to discuss governance with foundation and xgovs

We should have some open discussions outside of the governance forums. Forums are kinda siloed from the bulk of the rest of the algo community. It doesn’t foster open discussion due to this. Ideally we should have maybe weekly space to allow QA between the foundation, xGovs and governors to actively discuss the ecosystem and user ideas.

Allow the forums to be more standard discussion on the language of the measures before placing them in to the governance for voting.

Upside is it will drive a bunch more community engagement with algofam

Figure we could start proposing days/time i think allowing the weekly time to rotate for global community participation.


Who has time for weekly meetings? Also I feel like this is at odds with the purpose of the xGov system. The xGovs were supposed to review community ideas and bring them up for a vote selectively. The community at large already has more than one way to present ideas (Algorand forum, Reddit, etc.)

There is definitely a such thing as too much community feedback, imo.

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Hi @Stonedalgo.algo, thanks for your suggestion. Governance is informally discussed amongst a few community-led twitter spaces every month. We will continue to use different ways to engage to give everyone the opportunity to consider and evaluate measures. This will be especially important once the xGov program is in place and the Foundation is no longer the only entity proposing measures.