Twitter space to discuss improvements on xGov ARC-34 Template

Hello AlgoFam,
This Thursday, Sep 21 me, @Adri and @StephaneBarroso are having a Twitter Space about the evolution of xGov:
We would like to collect in advance the improvements that you think should be included in the next iteration of the xGov Framework, starting from the dedicated ARC:

Based on the feedback we have already received, we are particularly interested in the improvement of the Threshold mechanism, which could allow for a more efficient allocation of funds.
We would like to explore the possibility of switching from this formula:

Voting Power Needed = (Amount Requested) / (Amount Available) * (Total Number Of Algo In Term Pools)

to the following:

Voting Power Needed = (Amount Requested) / (Amount Available) * (Total Number Of Algo who Voted)

That is switching from the fraction of the total stake to the fraction of the total voters, who are the real xGovs showing commitment. Furthermore, in order to prevent the (remote) possibility that few voters with an exiguous Algo stake could finally decide for the totality of xGovs, a quorum should be introduced (50% of the total stake, for example) to assess the validity of the voting session.
Let us know your thoughts!

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