Reward, Rate ,Fraction and Proposer

I have set up my own node and was trying to find out the block info using the below CURL:
curl -v http://xxx/v1/block/4795723 -H "X-Algo-API-Token:xxx"

I want to know about the Reward, Rate ,Fraction and Proposer.

  • As per the 12 rewards period (500,000 blocks in each period) in Algorand . This particular block falls in the 10th reward period where each block will get 72 Algo , but as per this block info the blockreward is 103745. Can any one explain on the block reward mismatch or the info i have is totally wrong (12 reward period info.)

  • Can any one explain me rate, fraction and proposer.

hash :
round : 4795723
period : 0
reward : 103745
rate : 35999981
frac : 134135517
txns {1}
timestamp : 1581325990
currentProtocol :
nextProtocol :
nextProtocolApprovals : 0
nextProtocolVoteBefore : 0
nextProtocolSwitchOn : 0
upgradePropose :
upgradeApprove : false

Hi @debasish,

The reward field specifies how many rewards, in MicroAlgos, have been distributed to each Algo since genesis. See

The fields frac and rate are explained in

To understand better reward distribution, see

The proposer field is the address of the account that proposed the block. See

@fabrice i did not understand - “have been distributed to each Algo since genesis” i.e why microalgos have beed distribuited to each Algo

If you had an account with 1 Algo in the genesis block, you would have received this number of micro Algos (assuming you never made any transaction).