Running use case on local node testnet

Hi guys,
With a lot of help I have executed the NFT Marketplace project using purestake API
NFT Marketplace.
Now I want to run it on the local node test net installing a node can anyone please guide me through this process.

In which part you got stuck?

I tried to do it according to the link so i created a config.yml and added client address as my local node address and token value as local node value.
This is what i am getting when i clieck on mint token

That’s an Indexer error. You’re running just the Algorand Node and that’s enough for committing transactions, get an asset or account information, but for historical querying and reports like that search_assets you have to have access to the Algorand Indexer instance. The problem is that its disk requirements are much higher than Node’s as it doesn’t have a shortcut like that catchpoint in Node.

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Oh okay I see.
I try to implement it using the indexer.
Thanks a lot!!