How to fetch token,server,port data from Node Folder?

I created a node using the below link=
Where I can fetch data for token, server, port variable in Node folder.

Can anyone help me?

If you followed :

  • the server name and port are in C:\AlgorandNode\data\ Use Visual Studio Code or Notepad++ to read the file. If the file contains, you need to set:
    const server = "";
    const port = "8080";
  • the token is in C:\AlgorandNode\data\algod.token. If the token is db2b8b33f11ad7b4bb5fbabde20b1384b4e7d11dd796d97742c77fd0077dae03, you need to set:
     const token = "db2b8b33f11ad7b4bb5fbabde20b1384b4e7d11dd796d97742c77fd0077dae03";

When deploying the code Archiver/Indexer code I show an error.
What to do?

You are using the v1 API with indexer v1 that is completely deprecated.
This 404 most likely indicates that you did not enable indexer v1. But you should not enable it as with the current load on the blockchain, it will create performance issues (since it is deprecated, it is no more maintained and should not be used).

If you need to make such a call, you need to set up indexer v2, that is a different software that runs in conjunction with a node, and make requests through it.

See Searching the Blockchain (Indexer V2) - Algorand Developer Portal