Algorand indexer 2.8.0 troubleshooting

Hi, anybody else can guide me how to install successfully algorand indexer using specific algod node?

I have posted this issue to the indexer github:

I’ve answered on the issue, but just for completeness:

I think you’re missing the daemon argument:

$ ./algorand-indexer daemon -v
2.8.0 compiled at 2021-11-29T19:26:17+0000 from git hash 06e7ca8eec01f907474a50cc2072581c0e662ccb

$ ./algorand-indexer daemon -h
run indexer daemon. Serve api on HTTP.

  indexer daemon [flags]

  -d, --algod string             path to algod data dir, or $ALGORAND_DATA
      --algod-net string         host:port of algod
      --algod-token string       api access token for algod
      --allow-migration          allow migrations to happen even when no algod connected
      --dev-mode                 allow performance intensive operations like searching for accounts at a particular round
  -g, --genesis string           path to genesis.json (defaults to genesis.json in algod data dir if that was set)
  -h, --help                     help for daemon
      --metrics-mode string      configure the /metrics endpoint to [ON, OFF, VERBOSE] (default "OFF")
      --no-algod                 disable connecting to algod for block following
      --read-timeout duration    set the maximum duration for reading the entire request (default 5s)
  -S, --server string            host:port to serve API on (default :8980) (default ":8980")
  -t, --token string             an optional auth token, when set REST calls must use this token in a bearer format, or in a 'X-Indexer-API-Token' header
      --write-timeout duration   set the maximum duration to wait before timing out writes to a http response, breaking connection (default 30s)

Global Flags:
      --cpuprofile string   file to record cpu profile to
  -n, --dummydb             use dummy indexer db
  -f, --logfile string      file to write logs to, if unset logs are written to standard out
  -l, --loglevel string     verbosity of logs: [error, warn, info, debug, trace] (default "info")
      --pidfile string      file to write daemon's process id to
  -P, --postgres string     connection string for postgres database
  -v, --version             print version and exit
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i have moved to the indexer.yaml configuration file, and it seems to be working with it

Any thoughts where i could be getting 404 error?

i have this in settings:

postgres-connection-string: "host=postgresql-postgresql-ha-pgpool.algorand-indexer-testnet port=5432 user=postgres password=..dbname=..sslmode=disable"
algod-address: "http://algo-set-service.algorand-testnet:4161"
algod-token: ".."
genesis: /app/genesis/testnet/genesis.json
api-token: ".."
metrics-mode: true

When i do

curl http://algo-set-service.algorand-testnet:4161/v1/testnet-v1.0/block/0 --output x.tmp

i get the first block successfuly

are there any other more verbose logs i could access?

for the record my

algorand-indexer daemon -v


2.8.0 compiled at 2021-11-29T16:42:46+0000 from git hash 06e7ca8eec01f907474a50cc2072581c0e662ccb

The same effect is when i use environmental variables

apiVersion: apps/v1 
kind: Deployment
  name: algorand-indexer
  namespace: algorand-indexer-testnet
      app: algorand-indexer
  replicas: 1
        app: algorand-indexer
      - name: algorand-indexer
        image: scholtz2/algorand-indexer:2.8.0-stable
        command: [ "/bin/bash", "-c", "--" ]
        args: [ "while true; do sleep 30; done;" ]        
          value: ".."
          value: "http://algo-set-service.algorand-testnet:4161"
        - name: INDEXER_ALGOD_TOKEN
          value: ".."
        - name: INDEXER_API_TOKEN
          value: ".."
        - name: INDEXER_DEV_MODE
          value: "1"
        - name: INDEXER_METRICS_MODE
          value: "1"
        - name: INDEXER_GENESIS
          value: "/app/genesis/testnet/genesis.json"

When I tried to insert wrong address to the algod server, it shows the address where it tries to go…


the issue is that the algod does not serve v2 blocks for some reason…


algo@relaynode-ss-1:/app$ goal --version
3.2.3.stable [rel/stable] (commit #d2289a52)


algo@relaynode-ss-1:/app$ cat data/config.json 
        "Version": 19,
        "Archival": true,
        "NetAddress": ":4161",
        "EnableMetricReporting": true,
        "EnableLedgerService": true,
        "EnableBlockService": true

Can the issue be that the 2.8.0 indexer does not communicate to 3.2.3 algod properly?

NetAddress is for relays.
You need to use EndpointAdress instead, which by default use port 8080.
See Node configuration settings - Algorand Developer Portal

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curl http://algo-set-service.algorand-testnet:4161/v2/testnet-v1.0/block/0 --output xx.tmp

works fine

curl http://algo-set-service.algorand-testnet:4161/v2/block/0?format=msgpack --output xx.tmp

works fine

curl http://algo-set-service.algorand-testnet:4161/v2/blocks/0?format=msgpack --output xx.tmp

also works fine…

so i am at square zero

/v2/block is not the algod REST endpoint.
It is something else (maybe the relay endpoint).

The algod API REST endpoint that is used by the indexer (and all the SDKs) is: /v2/blocks. See v2 - Algorand Developer Portal

You need to use the port 8080 or the port indicated by EndpointAddress.
4161/4160 are ports that other relays connect to (specified by NetAddress). They are not usable by SDKs and indexers.

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Thanks. the connection to algod works great now…

However i have this issue now:

{"error":"AddBlock() err: TxWithRetry() err: attemptTx() err: AddBlock() adding block round 1 but next round to account is 0","level":"error","msg":"adding block 1 to database failed","time":"2022-01-10T20:33:32Z"}

init script

echo "starting indexer"
algorand-indexer import
sleep 1
algorand-indexer daemon
sleep 1
algorand-indexer import
sleep 1
algorand-indexer daemon

while true; do echo "hello indexer" `date`; sleep 600;done

seemed to solve the issue for now

thanks @fabrice for great help with troubleshooting my issues

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