New Node instalation with Indexer V2

I am installing a node in VPS with ubuntu server 20.04 and I am having problems with the installation of the indexer V2. I have some doubts with the installation of postgrees and the indexer.

I installed the node as the manual says but when I got to the indexer section…i did:

 2º - In a TMP directory: 
             tar -xf 2.6.1-rc1.tar.gz -C ~/indexer
  2º - in ~/indexer: 
             docker-compose up

and now, “./algorand-indexer daemon -P …” but the orden is unknown…where is the file?
Do i have to do something else?

Thank you

I would not use docker-compose anymore from the source tree.
Instead, I would install the indexer via the Debian package: Release Algorand Indexer 2.6.1 · algorand/indexer · GitHub
and follow the instructions there: GitHub - algorand/indexer: searchable history and current state

First of all, thank you very much for your answer.

Could you tell me which is the debian file? and once downloaded … do I just run the indexer or do I have to compile or something before?

first one: ends with _amd64.deb

ok…i did

1º - wget
2º - sudo dpkg -i algorand-indexer_2.6.1_amd64.deb
3º ./algorand-indexer daemon -h
-bash: ./algorand-indexer: No such file or directory

what am I doing wrong?


Replace ./algorand-indexer by algorand-indexer

Thank you very much, the information was perfect!

One last thing. For postgesql, I have to create a new user before launching the indexer … right?

Yes, you may need to create a user.

I creted the BBDD named ‘ledger’ and the user whit privileges, but i receive el next error:

algorand-indexer daemon -P “host=[] port=[8980] user=[*******] password=[********] dbname=[ledgerdb] sslmode=disable” --algod=~/node/data


{“error”:"~/node/data/ open ~/node/data/ no such file or directory",“level”:“error”,“msg”:“fetcher setup, ~/node/data/ open ~/node/data/ no such file or directory”,“time”:“2021-09-03T17:49:13+02:00”}

Any idea?
It tells me that the file does not exist, and indeed it is, but the manual is as is

You need to run an archival node with data directory ~/node/data.
Note that if you installed your node with the Debian package, you need to change ~/node/data with /var/lib/algorand.


Be careful that:

ok, seeing the size of the databases, I think it is best to mount the archival node on two servers, one for the node and the other for the database. But the indexer…where should it be installed? On the two servers or only on the node? Sorry, but the documentation does not make some things very clear … hahaha

thks a lot¡¡