Sandbox issue: Indexer disabled, .clean file NOT FOUND. Sandbox images will NOT be rebuilt

Looks like the local Indexer in the sandbox not working after initiating the sandbox with the testnet


  1. install the sandbox
  2. initiate the sandbox without testnet
    ./sandbox up
    result ok:
indexer - health
  "data": {
    "migration-required": false
  "db-available": true,
  "is-migrating": false,
  "message": "3",
  "round": 3,
  "version": "(unknown version)"

Available accounts
~$ ./sandbox goal account list
[accounts listed, looks good]
  1. stop the services and reset
    ./sandbox down
    ./sandbox reset

  2. initiate the sandbox with testnet
    ./sandbox up testnet
    // do your stuff in it

  3. stop and reset
    ./sandbox down
    ./sandbox reset

  4. initiate the sandbox again without testnet
    ./sandbox up


  • this time the services will start, but still actings as with testnet
  • the local indexer won’t start and will display the message
indexer - health
Indexer disabled for this configuration
  • the dev accounts won’t be created, it will display output like in testnet interaction
(venv)  $ ./sandbox goal account list
No wallets found. Create a new wallet with `goal wallet new [wallet name]`
  • the sandbox.log will display the message below before restarting the services
.clean file NOT FOUND. Sandbox images will NOT be rebuilt.

SOLVED: when switching networks use clean

(venv)  $ ./sandbox clean
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